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Easy Skin Care From Day To Night

Do you have a 20-step skincare regime, or are you firmly in the camp of ‘less is more’? Skincare routines can vary depending on our needs, skin, and how much time we dedicate to it. But often the more products you slather on your face, the more damage you may be unintentionally causing.

Aside from the importance of slathering on sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, a simple rule of thumb when it comes to skincare products is to apply them from the thinnest to the thickest and to take a 30-second break between each application to ensure that the product has been absorbed by the skin.

You might want to inspect your products and have separate regimes for morning and night. Mornings are for lighter and protective formulas, while nights are about targeting and treating any blemishes and outbreaks.

It’s also important to ensure that your skin is squeaky clean from makeup, so remove all traces of it with an oil-based makeup remover. If you have acne-prone skin, then go for gentle seater-based cleansers.

Use a toner infused with natural ingredients post-cleansing your face for extra hydration. While picking your serums, go for antioxidants like Vitamin C during the day and anti-ageing rich ingredients like hyaluronic acid and retinol at night.

You can deal with unsightly eye bags with antioxidant-rich caffeine eye cream or rollers at night, and feel free to skip the toner during the day if you’re not applying makeup.

Face oils are advised to be used pre-moisturisation at daytime, and post-moisturisation at night. This will help to lock in all the above products. For dry skin, facial oils can do good because it delivers hydration. Follow it up with a soothing and nourishing moisturiser.

If you’re looking for a free online skin care consultation, get in touch today!

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