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Which England Player Has The Best Facial Symmetry?

They call football the beautiful game, but whilst Gareth Southgate’s team have been chosen for their skills and what they can do with their feet, facial aestheticists are more fascinated by their beautiful faces.

In fact, one doctor went further and compared their facial symmetry against the Golden Ratio, a mathematical formula used to create some of the most beautiful works of art in the world.

He compared some of the English national team, including Marcus Rashford, Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling, to other famously attractive players in the tournament, including Portugal’s Christiano Ronaldo and France’s Paul Pogba.

He used the ratio to rate the players in four important areas and judge which players have what it takes to score high, and which could see the benefit of facial symmetry fillers:

· Facial Symmetry – How much each side of the face matches the other.

· Eye Width – Whether the eyes are the perfect distance apart.

· Ear to Nose – How well the ears match the nose.

· Golden Ratio – Whether their face matches the divine proportion and is unconsciously easy on the eye.

According to this research, rising England midfielder Jack Grealish has the best facial symmetry on the entire England team with 97 per cent. However, in the overall ratings, striking phenomenon Raheem Sterling comes out on top thanks to the golden ratio.

Other England stars who scored well include fellow striker Marcus Rashford, defensive stalwart John Stones and midfielder Phil Foden.

Overall, the man who lifted up the crown of the most attractive player in Euro 2021 was the man with the most goals scored of all time: Christiano Ronaldo. Along with his Euro 2016 and 2018-19 Nations League trophies, he also scored exceptionally highly on the Golden Ratio.

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