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Fascinating Facts About Smiles

Over the past couple of years, we have grown to appreciate the importance of our smiles a lot more, especially when it has felt at times like there hasn’t been as much to smile about.

Whether lifted with facial symmetry fillers, a no filter grin or as part of a great big laugh, smiles mean a lot to us and there are so many fascinating aspects about this one universal emotion.

Here are some interesting facts about our smiles.

It Is Not As Universal As You May Think

It has often been said that smiling is the most universal action in the world, transcending cultural and linguistic norms in a way no other emotional act does.

However, this may not, in fact, be the case, as many cultures that tend to rank highly on happiness indexes will not readily smile in public or to strangers.

Russia, for example, especially in the days of the Soviet Union, would never smile at a stranger, as in Russian culture that is seen as insincere, whilst in the UK the opposite is true.

With that said, flashing a smile to someone most of the time will often do more good than harm.

There Are 19 Different Types

Oddly enough, despite us associating smiling with happiness, there are only six types of smile out of 19 are genuine expressions of joy and happiness.

As well as these, there are smiles of heartbreak, smiles that express a social purpose such as relieving an awkward situation or when flirting, as well as even smiles that express darker emotions such as contempt, schadenfreude or rejection.

A Smile Can Help With Promotions And Interviews

We call it a winning smile for a reason. Smiling, particularly during a pressured situation such as an interview or an important meeting conveys confidence, approachability and a sense of joy, all of which are desired prospects regardless of the position.

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