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Tips For Skincare Before And After A Workout

Exercise will not only make you healthier in terms of physical health, but it will give you healthy and glowing skin too. But if you’re working out and sweating hard, but not following a skincare routine, then you’re not going to get the best results.

A pre- and post-workout skin care regimen need not be overly complicated, but without one, it could lead to skin damage to the point of pre-ageing, dull, and infectious skin.

We have a look at a few tips to get you familiarised with what to do before and after a workout to ensure your skin looks radiant and healthy.

Pre-workout skincare

Never attack your workout with a full face of makeup has to be the number one rule. Thoroughly remove your makeup before your workout, as it could block your sweat glands and prevent your skin from breathing. Follow this cleanse by applying moisturiser and don’t forget sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, even on cloudy days.

Apply antiperspirant, as sweaty armpits can be a prime location for bacteria and germs. Tie your hair back to prevent hair products combined with sweat from causing breakouts on your forehead.

Post-Workout Skincare

It’s important to clean your face after your workout too. Splash some water on your face to get rid of oil, dirt, and sweat before you sit down and relax. Your hair also needs care after exercise, so wash with a mild shampoo but avoid shampooing daily. Use a towel to dry your hair instead of a blow dryer.

Always change out of your sweaty gym clothes after the workout, and grab a quick shower as soon as you can to rid the body of the sweat and toxins released by the body, and put on dry, clean clothes afterwards.

Exfoliate your skin, apply serum and at the end applying moisturiser on your skin with a cooling gel can also be considered effective.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep your skin clear, radiant and healthy even on the toughest days at the gym. If you’re looking for a skin clinic in Cambridge UK, talk to us today.

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