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How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Your 40s

Many people will notice subtle changes to their body as they get older, and your skin is no exception. One of the most common reasons for changes in the tone and texture of the skin as we age is a slow down in the production of collagen and elastin. These are the two proteins that are responsible for keeping skin looking smooth and plump.

Consider using products which contain retinol

From the age of 20, we lose about 1% of collagen every year, and it is renewed at a slower rate and of a lower quality. By the time you are in your 40s, this may be noticeable in fine lines and slight sagging around the eyes or jawline. Anti-aging creams such as retinol have been designed specifically to tackle this problem.

Retinol is made from a derivative of vitamin A, and it penetrates the deeper layers of your skin to boost the production of elastin and collagen. Over the course of a few weeks’ treatment, it can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Use sun protection every day

Even in our cool climate, the UV rays are strong enough to damage skin cells, which leads to leathery lined skin. Choose products with an SPF factor of 30-50, and use them on a daily basis to protect your complexion. On very sunny days, wear a hat and sunglasses outdoors.

Apply a face serum

For light daytime hydration, apply a serum which contains hyaluronic acid. Your skin will be starting to lose its ability to produce this naturally, and it is essential for the process of retaining water, which makes the skin look smooth and plump.

Use massage tools

The lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out toxins in the skin, and it works more slowly as we age. This can lead to facial puffiness, especially around the eyes and cheeks. Massage tools applied to your face each night can stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve circulation.

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